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About Us

Who we are

We’re a team of youngsters (well, not so young in 2020 anymore), living through the era before the term “Digitalisation” start getting mainstream.

We are ambitious, and we are innovative. We lived through the life of how non-digital (“analogue”?) work, and how we see digital is disrupting the industry and changing the people’s life.

Everyone recognize the trend, so do we. And we are here, a team of full digital experience and capability, would like to help other people and business out there, to be part of the trend.

What defines us

The term “Digital” appears and gain its popularity especially in recent years with COVID-19. However, many people understand it differently. For Quantum Solutions, “Digital” is not an industry. It’s applicable for everyone and everywhere, in our society, our community, as well as part of our lives.

And here we are, injecting the term “Digital” to the DNA of Quantum Solutions, we would like to bring Digital closer to you, your business, and your life. And that is what defines us, Quantum Solutions Sdn. Bhd., a digital solutions provider.

Our team has more than 5 years digital consulting experience across 20 industries and above. We always understand, digital world is always evolving, and we have to keep updating ourselves to the trend. We also recognise that it is always a challenge to many.

This is why we are here, setting our goal, defining our vision & mission, to help our business partners and peers in the market, and shape the digital platform together.

Get in touch with us, and contact us.