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SSL certificate can be free!

You don’t have to pay big bucks for your SSL certificate anymore.

SSL certificate can be free!

Ever since Google announced that websites without SSL certificate (non-HTTPS sites) might have their search ranking drop and will be marked as non-secure, many businesses with a website started to gain the awareness on importance of having one.

But, how much does it cost to get a SSL certificate from a provider? The following table show the prices from different providers (as at 26/07/2020):

ProvidersEstimate Price
Godaddy ~ RM 233.99 / year
Namecheap ~ RM 25 / year ~ RM 16 / year
Exabytes ~ RM 149.52 / year

Note: The estimated price above is based on the lowest price offered by providers.

Generate your own SSL cert

Do you know you can actually generate your own SSL certificate? Despite the pricey SSL cert offered in the market by various providers, you are actually allowed to generate your own SSL certificate and have it installed on your own hosting server.

Let’s Encrypt is the answer.

Quantum Solutions website is also encrypted by using Let’s Encrypt.

Secure connection of Quantum Solutions website

How to generate?

Let’s say you have purchased a domain, from Godaddy. And you are hosting your website on an Ubuntu server, with Apache engine.

You’ll need to do the following:

  1. Access SSH to your server.
  2. Install the Certbot into your server.
  3. Run the Certbot to generate SSL certificate for with DNS acme challenges.
  4. Add a new TXT record on your Godaddy DNS configuration for with the key generated from step 3.
  5. Test the on to confirm if TXT is propagated.
  6. Finish the generation by hitting enter.
  7. Completed!

The official documentation is available at Certbot website.

Need help?

Quantum Solutions offers the service to help with SSL installation on your website. Drop us a message so we can give you a hand!