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Quantum Solutions has partnered with the following brands to deliver the best IT and digital solutions for your business.

Microsoft 365

Quantum Solutions has been a brand ambassador for all Microsoft products, especially the recent Microsoft 365.


Kiplelive Logo

KipleLive (a subsidiary of GreenPacket) has been innovative during this COVID-19 period. It has developed a thermal scanner, which has provided a high efficiency scanning capability for your staffs, visitors, and even public areas.

This tremendously help your company and your HR to streamline the process of checking / tracking the large number of staffs you have, while allowing you to focus your daily business operation despite COVID-19.

Learn how Quantum Solutions work with KipleLive in COVID-19


Sonnet Tech Logo

SonnetTech is our first overseas partner. Seeing the performance of computing power as a trend of demand, this is the main reason we’re beefing up our collaboration with premium products that deliver the best cost-to-value products to you.

Other products

Apart from the main solutions, we also provides other IT solutions across different brands.

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