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COVID-19 vs Quantum Solutions

COVID-19 vs Quantum Solutions

The pandemic does not seem to recover anytime soon, not before the real vaccine is available for everyone. While we are operating our business, we have to make sure operating procedures are in place, protecting our people from the harmful virus, including our staffs and customers.

Quantum Solutions & KipleLive

Kiplelive's Clients

Quantum Solutions is collaborating with KipleLive (a Green Packet subsidiary), offering our solutions for you and your business to run safely during this pandemic.

What is KipleLive?

KipleLive is an end-to-end AI “Proptech” – property technology platform for commercial and residential buildings. It is designed to keep workplaces, schools, and the community safe by incorporating:

  • Facial Recognition Technology
  • Thermal Scanner, with auto detection and alert system
  • Fully integrated digital system (HR and admin portal, mobile apps, dashboard)
KipleLive’s Fully Integrated System

The features in KipleLive system makes the system usable beyond COVID-19 pandemic era with its

  • Visitor Monitoring module
    • Registering visitors before entering the place
  • Employee Attendance module
    • Ensure employees are fit for work when clocking-in for work through kipleLive facial recognition software and thermal scanner.
  • One-to-one personal messaging or One-to-Many announcements

Who should be installing?

  • Shopping malls
  • Schools
  • Commercial and Office Buildings
  • High-rise Residential Buildings (Apartments / Condominiums)
  • Retailers with Physical Outlets
  • Public or Private Community Centres
  • Restaurants or Cafes
  • Hotels or Tourism Centres
  • Hospitals, Clinics or Healthcare Service Providers

Why KipleLive?

Kiplelive's Clients
KipleLive’s Successful Deployment
  • Increase productivity
    • AI (Artificial Intelligence) temperature screening reduces the time needed to take employees’, visitors’, guests’, customers’, and patients’ temperature compared to conventional temperature screening checks.
  • Ensure safety with systematic tracing records
    • Facial Recognition Technology, Visitors Monitoring Module and Employee Attendance Module ensures the safety of workplaces, schools and other venues by approving visitors who is classified as healthy and are registered before entering.
  • Highly recognised brand
    • KipleLive have been installed at many popular public places, including Parliment Malaysia, Paradigm Mall, Malaysia Airports, Star Media Group, and JKR Malaysia.
  • Hassle-free installation
    • It’s as easy as calling us or dropping us an e-mail, we’ll sort out the rest for you.
  • Promised product and service quality
    • Proven records and achievements
    • Professional trained and certified by KipleLive
KipleLive's Achievements
KipleLive’s Achievement

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