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As digital solutions provider, we always stand at the frontline of technology innovation. We constantly monitor the digital trend in the market, observe the users behaviour, and adapt accordingly.

Our Research & Development team has a rigid research methodology to make sure Quantum Solutions stay innovative, and provide the best solutions to our clients.

We have few research projects in our pipeline, and we’re actively seeking funding to support us. If you’re interested to participate in our exciting research programmes, please drop us a message a or send us enquiry in our Contact Us page.

Project 1: FMCG High Frequency Transaction System

FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) High Frequency Transaction System is soon to help all our retail business owners to handle large volume of orders online every single day.

With the uptrend of online transaction, businesses start to shift the focus to online business. Business leverage on Facebook Live, Instagram Story, TikTok video sharing platform, and other social media platform to publicise their products and services. Read more about the new trend in our article.

What FMCG HFT System do?

FMCG is supposed to help the business owners to streamline the handling process of large volume transaction online. Many business struggling on handling the large volume of orders made online, causes bottleneck in the business operation.

The four essential steps to be taken for every online transaction in a business.

Each transaction mainly involved four essential steps:

  1. Order placement
  2. Payment
  3. Check Transaction
  4. Packing & Delivery

The nature of FMCG business is always expected to have madness volume online. Imagine with online 100 transactions per day, each transaction require the four steps to complete, how much have you invested in your team to handle the jobs?

Our research team is here to design the system and share more with you. Stay with us to find our updates.

Project 2: Digital Enabler Platform

Coming soon.